Arts Award Summer Workshop

Summer Arts Award Workshop

In August Loft’s Music Shed ran a one day Young Singer Songwriter Workshop at Exeter Phoenix which could be used to gain a Bronze Arts Award. We had a great day writing songs in pairs, trios and as a band. A great array of instruments and talents on offer including a drummer who would improvise with whatever he could find to make some percussion and beats; a mandolin player, singers, guitarists and keys which led to the final group performance of their original song written that day.

Here’s some comments  from the group on what they thought of the day;

” It was a great day and I feel a lot more inspired to write my own songs.”

“Great teaching.”

“It taught me that if there is no kit then a variety of items can be used together to make good music.”

“It was awesome.”

The group were called The Red Grapes and wrote ‘How Time Flies’.

Lofts Music Shed will be running more one day workshops during school holidays so please keep checking for updates.