LMS working with DAISI at the YMCA Exeter

A lovely piece of writing by Elsa Hariades on her time working with DAISI projects including the one I have been working on at the YMCA Exeter. It was great to have Elsa come and play and join in at the recording at the Collective in Exmouth and watch the confidence grow of the participants right in front of our eyes. Merry Musical Christmas to you all x

I am currently doing some work experience with Daisi and have had the chance to observe some of the artist workshops.

This week I went along to one of Daisi’s Soundwaves in Action project sessions at The Collective base in Exmouth, which was a really enjoyable experience. I am particularly interest in Daisi’s music projects and thought this would be a great opportunity to meet Devon-based musicians and find out about their work. This project was led by singer-songwriter Laura Loft, who had been working with residents of the YMCA over the past few weeks and offering a creative space for them to play and write music together.As well as rehearsing cover songs, the group had been working together on an original song, creating their own lyrics and incorporating various instrumentalists amongst the group. Having finalised the piece, the group were ready to get recording and so the majority of this session was spent in the studio, getting accustomed to the equipment and gradually building up the vocal, percussion, guitar and instrumental parts, resulting in a finished track which sounded fantastic.I had a lot of fun coming along to the session and felt it offered a really valuable outlet for the young people to express themselves creatively, increase their self-esteem and have a really positive experience making music together. Elsa Hariades