It has been brilliant to involved with DAISI running the next music project at YMCA Exeter. After reflection from the last project and some desires for the residents to have a more focused music group, we decided on launching a singing group. Within these sessions we are also delivering the Arts Award Bronze which has really enriched the project.

This singing group has included learning about vocal warm ups and the importance of them; singing a variety of styles and genres; expanding their repertoire and knowledge; exploring varying learning styles such as by ear, sight singing and graphic scores; developing harmonies and group arrangements plus some songwriting and performance.

We are currently working on finalising their sketch books and one part of the arts award is all about researching your ‘arts inspiration’.  Because this project is based around music we are looking at musical arts inspirations. The research will focus on the career paths of these artists and what it is that inspires them.

Some of the group were struggling to think of who to use or even think outside the box of ‘musician’ relating it only to pop stars. So we a had a few discussions on ‘what are the different career paths/professions for a musician?‘ and ‘what does it mean to be a professional musician?

This was really useful in  expanding the mind to thinking further than ‘singer/musician’.

We ended the session with a quick songwriting exercise.

  1. flick through a book and say ‘stop’ selecting an image at random.
  2. go around the circle and say a word or line that comes to mind when thinking about the image
  3. select two chords
  4. now, using the words from early, put them together to write a chorus or a verse for your song
  5. jam it out!