Children in Care Music Project

Children in Care Music Project with Sound Waves, DAISI & The Collective

Last year I was involved working with Children in Care alongside a brilliant music technology youth worker and producer Adam Copeman and inspiring animator and film maker Stuart Dawson. We had 5 sessions with the young people introducing them to music making, writing and animating. They really responded to having a mixed bag of creative activities to get involved with and we watched their confidence grown through exploring how to make shadow puppets, emojis, writing lyrics, using music technology to make riffs and writing an original song with an animated music video about their response to their lives so far and the challenges they had faced. Many of these children faced confidence and self-esteem issues and so it is a really great achievement what they created in these sessions. Here’s the link to the final outcome.

The Project Video: The Sound Waves Project

The Music Video: https://vimeo.com/194733754