I am so excited to announce that I applied for some funding to relaunch the Young Singer Songwriter Club and team up with the brilliant Kate Graham from Soundlaunch to offer a new, sparkly, shiny, fantastic music club for 13-19yr olds with extra performance, industry support and music opportunities at Exeter Phoenix and …. we won!

Whoo hoo Wa hey! Lets celebrate! 

In the midst of the grim news of funding cuts in schools for many subjects including MUSIC, the future of music education is looking unsure.  So Kate and I met to discuss how we could help, what could we do to provide music for budding songwriters, performers and musicians? How could we deliver the music in a fun, creative, nurturing environment and develop them not only as musicians but as people?

We need music for so many reasons especially for young people’s wellbeing. It’s benefits are endless and I have experienced first hand through my own blessed music education and from running community music projects just how valuable it is.

We put together individual funding plans to collaborate and bring our own skills to compliment each others. So we decided on running a monthly singer songwriter club for 13-16yr olds and 16-19yr olds and introducing an emerging artists platform with open mic sessions, workshops, masterclasses and industry skills… and so it was born (drum roll please) introducing…..

So let’s jump up and down and send massive gratitude hugs to our funders Devon Music Education Hub and our collaboration partner supporter Exeter Phoenix Creative Hub for their belief in us and the worth of the music for young people.

Spread the word and see you there lovely music makers!