Holly’s Thoughts on YSSC + EAP – June


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The Young Singer Songwriter Club number two took place on the 12th June in the new space in Exeter Phoenix (I don’t need to say where it was held but the space is so cool I feel like it deserves mentioning all the time), and was a great success!

We started by playing some covers as a group and worked on some amazing harmonies, which was really fun. When there’s plenty of people there’s so many possibilities for rounds, different parts, and harmonies!

Next we wandered through the phoenix to the art gallery and took inspiration from the pieces. We discussed what we thought was represented in the paintings and what we thought they were about, and wrote down key points that we could write lyrics from.

We wrote from our notes in pairs, and using the art as a prompt produced some really interesting lyrical themes and ideas.

Then came the Emerging Artists Platform stage! Affectionately known as the EAP stage. First off Ivy played guitar in an incredible finger style/percussion style which thoroughly impressed everyone there. It was amazing! Next up were the whole group, performing the covers we’d worked on at the start of the session. Then we had the talented Finn Weaver, (another original YSSC member from back in the day!) who played some really great original songs. Last of all my band Arbor ‘headlined’! We played a few original songs and a few covers, and it was loads of fun.

I can’t wait to see the club grow and blossom and continue to inspire young people!

Next session: Monday 10th July 5:30-8pm at Exeter Phoenix

More info: http://www.exeterphoenix.org.uk/events/young-singer-songwriter-workshop-2/