Holly’s Thoughts on YSSC + EAP – July


The YSSC number 3 was (as always) super fun and productive! We started by chatting about our favourite songs, and about songs written for cartoons- a funny discussion that ended up with a spontaneous group rendition of the spongebob squarepants theme tune!

Then our lovely group member Isabella shared a new song of her own which we worked on together- mixing things up by playing it on guitar rather than piano. She also shared her method of writing songs/keeping them organised- a method that really impressed me as I’m someone that has hundreds of scraps of paper with a few lines of lyrics written on each scattered about. I may speak for many songwriters when I say I could definitely learn from Isabella’s organisation! Here’s the process (note- this requires an iphone/smart phone) :

  1. Write lyrics and chords on iphone notes
  2. Record song on voice memos, and attach that to the note with the lyrics and chords
  3. Take photos of any doodles/pictures/inspiration for the song and attach them to the same note
  4. And there you have it- everything in one place!

Isabella also organises each song into folders within her notes- ideas, half written songs, finished songs- so efficient!

After our lesson in organization, we shared some original songs with each other. We were very happy to be joined by the talented Caitlin Boulton (https://www.facebook.com/caitlinboultonmusic/ ) who played us a few songs from her beautiful (and available now!) new EP ‘Red Girl’.

We ended the session by performing a few songs (including Isabella’s re-worked song) and working on singing with a mic.

A really fun evening! We are taking a break over august but will be back with our next session on the 11th of September. We hope you’ve all had an amazing summer and look forward to seeing you soon!

More info: http://www.exeterphoenix.org.uk/events/young-singer-songwriter-workshop-2/