Holly’s Thoughts on YSSC + EAP – October

This YSSC we focused on the song ‘Thank U’ by Alanis Morissette.

We sang through it a few times to warm up and get familiar with it, then talked about how people make changes and rework songs. We listened to the original track and wrote down all the elements of the song that could be altered to re work it completely- chords, key, instruments, tempo etc. We discussed relative minors, genres, and how you can make a cover of a song your own.


With the (then) upcoming WOW (women of the world) festival at the Phoenix, we talked about girl power songs and sassy female artists, such as ‘Video’ by India Arie.

After that we got happily distracted by the girl power thing and played a quick rendition of complicated by Avril Lavigne!

Once we’d got that out of our systems we went back to ‘Thank U’ and changed the chords, key and rhythm, creating a new version of the song.

Unfortunately this month there was no EAP stage this week as we were performing at the WOW festival at the weekend but we look forward to its return next session- 13th November! More info on the Exeter Phoenix website: http://www.exeterphoenix.org.uk/events/young-singer-songwriter-workshop-2/