Holly’s Thoughts on YSSC + EAP – January

We came back in the new year with a relaxed and fun session, and all caught up after Christmas.

We started as we often do by jamming a couple of covers to warm up. We then moved onto the main topic of this session: the anxieties and challenges that can sometimes come up around performing. We started with some exercises for relaxation before a gig, and exercises to help boost your confidence. We also did some breath work exercises, the type that make you look silly but really do help you warm up and relax!

After that we moved onto some rounds- the first was a diction warm up, and the second a really really pretty round with minor harmonies that sounded amazing.

We all sat around the table next and chatted about the obstacles that you can come across when performing- everything from feedback and misplacing drumsticks, to wobbly mic stands and nerves- and how to avoid/help them!

We then moved on to planning our next gigging opportunity: the Hub Sounds gig! We jammed our wintery song called Winter Skies (from previous sessions) in preparation for that, and worked on the structure of the song.

Over all it was a lovely relaxed session and I’m looking forward to getting ready for the hub sounds gig at the next session!

More info: https://www.exeterphoenix.org.uk/events/young-singer-songwriter-workshop-2/