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DAISI & National Trust Project; the meeting

0C6277C3-927E-42E4-92F6-D6F425B0A69DI had such a lovely time working on this songwriting project with DAISI, Broadcylst Girl Guides and National Trust Killerton.

This workshop was part of a larger national project around the 100 years Suffrage Anniversary. I was asked to meet with the Filmaker (Ben), National Trust Killerton and girl guides to discuss what they wanted to write about and we planned a workshop.

The meeting went well and the group were very responsive and had some good ideas.
Here’s an overview;
We spoke about their response to the suffragette story and how it made them feel in their
– Inspires change and motivates us that we can make change happen
– Lucky and grateful for the vote
– Tragic and shocking what happened and we should have equal rights
– Not fair
– They did it for others, selfless
– Still not fair that girls aren’t equal in many areas of society
– Successful event, got what they set out to get and achieved it
We then spoke about the issues they wanted to change and how they could do that within their community.
Loosely it fell into two categories;
1. Environmental;
– Less litter especially plastic being dumped in our parks and community. I don’t think people are aware of what it causes or just don’t care. They don’t think of the impact it has on the environment.
– Cleaning up our community – litter, graffiti in parks, alcohol bottles
2. Social/Community;
– Visit care homes and not forget about the elderly (breaking down stereotypes. We could set up more school visits/volunteering opportunities.
– Space for older teenagers to hangout and not judging them (again about breaking down stereotypes as well).
– Extension to village shop as the nearest supermarket is sainsburys
– Slow down on our roads, too many near misses and accidents happening.
– Disabled swings and more wheelchair access in parks
– Animal abuse and stray dogs
We then spoke about the musical characteristics of a march and they voted on choosing ’Social/Community’ as the main issue to sing about. We split into three groups and had a go at writing a line from the chorus of our main message. Initial ideas were;
“Everyone deserves respect”
“ Let me tell you….help our community”
“Similarities not differences”
We all liked the ‘everyone deserves respect’ line to sum up all the issues about respecting everyone, valuing and breaking down stereotypes.
We then ended and agreed on the workshop being fun singing/musical warm ups, some songwriting activities and then rehearsing the song.