Choir, Djembes, EYFS, KS1, Singing, Songwriting, Ukulele

A new year, a new start

4B84728E-4347-4F3C-8036-05B5C67E6EBCOver the last few years I have been making changes to my delivery of music. I completed my training of CME Certificate for Music educators Level 4, Arts Awards Training and through this course and I have changed direction for the next chapter of my work and am now working primarily with EYFS/KS1/KS2 and am thoroughly  enjoying it!

Why the change?

Various reasons led me to this path but also the fact that I have worked with so many young people with mental health issues and I wanted to be PREVENTATIVE rather than REACTIVE. Becoming a mum also highlights for you that shock when you hear that children as young as 5yrs old are experiencing mental health problems, depression and anxiety.

We know that music plays a big part for children- not just the educational benefits for the child’s learning but also the extended developments of spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual, aesthetic and creative skills for the child. If creativity is nurtured it creates happiness, health, a sense of self worth and wellbeing.

So I have been working as a Creative Consultant and Music Leader with Trinity Primary School Exeter since May 2018 to help set up arts strategies and deliver music making for wellbeing. This has included ukuleles, djembes, wake up shake ups, choir and songwriting. I love seeing how music lifts and makes a real difference plus the progress you can see in these young creative lives! So I will leave you with our latest song called ‘Tree of Responsibility’ written for Trinity School Children. Enjoy!