EYFS, KS1, Ukulele

Ukulele; chord of C

356860A1-21FB-4460-8194-79FF99C2367C.jpegWe had a great first ukulele session back from half term this morning. The sun was shining through our music classroom windows, the ukuleles looking bright and ready for action and the children engaged and enthusiastic. 

Today it was a competition between the green and blue teams. I sat the children in two lines opposite each other and told them we were having a game today. 

“I will be watching for who can listen (click on your listening ears), who can follow instructions (rest and play position) and who can complete the activities the best.”

A hum of excitement followed.

Game 1: I started with a Mexican clapping game, passing the claps down the line and we were seeing who could do it the best.

Game 2: we then gave ukuleles to the children and we gave points for who could remember our ‘meet the ukulele’ song and sing it.

Game 3: we then remembered our thumb brush strum and played Mexican wave strums for points. We had to keep practicing but eventually got it.

Game 4: up until now we had been practicing keep in time to 4 beats so we then practiced playing our rhythm next to ‘cookies in his ukulele’ song by strumming the rhythm on the ukulele.

So far we had recapped on the parts of the ukulele, practiced beat and rhythm, thumb brush strums and next we went into learn the finger rumba so I could teach the chord of C. We put our ukuleles down and faced a partner from the opposite team and clapped hands to 4 beats. Then we found our hand we DON’T use for writing and clapped with that hand the same again. I then sang the song ‘1 is for pointing, 2 is tall, 3 can wear a wedding ring and 4 is small. On the ukulele the finger numbers go… 1, 2,3,4 so now you know.’ They children joined in and we played the next game with it so I showed them the C chord and we all practiced.

Game 5: who can play the C chord to 4 beats. The game element worked well as it kept the children engaged and the winner was….(drum roll on the ukulele as they had them in rest position)…. THE GREEN TEAM! Well Done Year 1 Swallows!

* some of the music has been taken from activities in the book Ukulele Magic