EYFS, KS1, Singing, Ukulele

Ukuleles; singing with C

14CDBFD6-9CCF-48EC-B582-2623B341C5C5We kept the teams formula today as this worked well. But we started with recapping the song we learned last week plus some new songs; 

  • Meet my Uke 
  • Finger Rumba 
  • C Chord Song ‘I am C, look at me’ 

 Then we played a game ‘Follow the leader’. Each team took turns to follow me around the room playing their C chord whilst I sung… ‘ I’m walking round the room, I wonder when I’ll stop…’ and tested them on stopping when I did. This worked really well and both teams followed the instructions. It’s a great way for getting them to practice their C position chord.  

Lastly, I let them pick from a selection of songs we had been learning (that would work well with the chord of C) and sing and strum. They chose ‘Banuwa’ the african lullaby from Liberia we have been learning in choir. Great job!

It was a draw for both teams today!