Choir, KS1

Choir; better together

84A6E963-F29E-4F55-BA09-F2DE35ACA9FF.jpegAfter a busy and exciting few weeks with World Book Day, Paddleboat Theatre and World Sing Up, I thought Year 1’s needed a fun but chilled out session today in choir.

So we started with ‘Rubber Chicken’ warm up and then I chose a very short and easy song for the learning today. It’s called ‘better together’ sung to the tune of wade in the water. To keep engagement I introduced a few instruments to use with each verse;

1. Boomwhackers for ‘playing together’ verse.

2. Sleigh Bells for ‘shaking together’ verse.

3. Tambourines for ‘tapping together’ verse.

We sat in a circle and sung the song all together and when it was the instruments turn, they played to the beat. I then introduced them to the bass line ‘descending scale to ‘dum de dum de’ and we split into two groups singing bass and melody. This worked really well. As ever we kept the learning short to keep engagement so moved on next to our hot potato game….

I had two balls, they were hot potatoes. We rolled them around the circle singing ‘hot potato pass it on, hot potato pass it on, hot potato pass it on, get rid of the hot potato’. Whoever it landed on was out. I then introduced another hot potato but I told them they had to sing the song slowly first and build up to fast. This worked well and kept everyone excited and engaged.

We had a relaxing end as we closed our eyes and I showed them three songs that they could pick to learn; Let’s go fly a kite, Power in me or Don’t worry be happy’. Power in me me won the votes with Let’s fly a kite a close second. Good job Year 1.