EYFS, KS1, Singing

Down Under the Sea

DB05C25B-574F-493F-B6C6-E36BC1D874D0First session back and I was impressed by all the classes enthusiasm and listening ears!

This term I will be focusing on ‘pitch’ and planned a few sessions around the song ‘Down under the Sea’.

So we started with circle games and a welcome clapping song (clap your hands together) and practiced listening to instructions. We sung it and then they walked around the space singing it. When they heard the chime bar they had to find their original place in the circle.

We moved in to learning about pitch by firstly imaging big waves and small waves. We put a shhhh sound to the action and talking about pitch moving up and down stairs (steps) and that sometimes they can jump around. We then used a parachute to have fun with this pretending to be big and small waves and included some other instructions such as fast, slow, up and down like a rollercoaster etc.

Moving on, we learnt the song ‘Down under the sea’ and moved around the space as sea creatures matching the song. Once again though I over planned as had hoped to move onto chime bars to demonstrate the pitch of the melody of ‘lots to see..’ line in the song but there’s always next time!

Well done children.