EYFS, Singing

Understanding Pitch

50CAC307-879A-40FF-8692-43197ADABEE8After our warm ups, I wanted to continue their understanding on pitch today so I introduced the rainbow chimes and talked about walking up the stairs step by step (from middle C up an octave) and then back down again. We modelled this with our bodies low to the ground crouching down and then up bit by bit as the pitch moved higher. We played this game a few times as it was a giggling hit!

I then related this to the song we had been learning last week ‘Down there under the sea’. We recalled over the song looking at how the pitch moves (following my hand movements) and then split into two groups. Group 1 sung the ‘call’ (lots to see…) and group 2 sung the ‘response’ (in the big blue ocean).

I then wanted to test the waters with the chime bars so we had group one sharing chimes and desk bells using just the C, D, E (red orange yellow) notes of the scale. Group 2 had the maracas as the sea sound. 

I want to say this worked well, in theory it did, but the excitement over the chimes meant we need a lot more practice to learn the discipline of playing just three notes in order. However, it was quite a quick session to learn this so they did really well. 

 We finished singing the whole song together. 

The next group I adapted the session and instead of all playing the chimes we took turns one by one which made the child in the middle, concentrate more and play more accurately. We finished this rather energetic class with our calming song lying in the floor.

“Let’s lie on the floor, and have a big yawn, 

  Let’s lie on the floor like sleeping lions

  Let’s get up very slowly and say good bye

  Singing thank you for the music today.”