EYFS, Singing

Exploring Sounds


Following on from last week, I felt the children needed to let loose and have a good explore of the sounds and instruments. So I set up music stations and activities.

We started with some warm ups and talked about pitch and we recapped singing our ocean song which includes call & response structure. Then I showed them each music station…

1. Chimes; explore playing up and down the stairs in steps and jumps.

2. Boomwhackers; explore ways to play them and their pitches from low to high.

3. Fish; explore the percussive sounds tuned and untuned to make fish sounds. Explore fast and slow moving fish sounds.

4. Crabs & Shells; explore the percussive sounds to create seashell and crab sounds. Use the loud and quiet flash cards.

I used the call of the Djembe to show when to move each group on to the next station and we shared little snippets of our playing and what we had explored with each other. It was really good planning the session in this way, in the hall with more space. I could also see everyone individually have a go at playing the chimes up the scale and down again.