EYFS, KS1, Singing, Steel pans

Steel Pans; introduction

5DDDEB46-1F50-4CD3-9AD2-7BB3594926C0.jpegWe were lucky to be joined today by Elfyn from DMEH joined us for the first session with Year 1 today. We had a little introduction to the history of the pans, how to hold and play with the beaters (gently) and then had a go at finding some notes. 

We sung two songs to warm up ‘gentle hands’ and ‘tingalayo’. We then all had a pan each and had to find the notes when called out. We tried to follow two patterns;


We chanted them first and then played. Not everyone had the same notes plus they had to be aware of not playing flats of sharps (b or #) so it was a challenge but a fun one. 

We ended with myself and Elfyn demonstrating a improvised tune with myself playing two pans accompaniment and Elfyn playing the melody on the tenor pans. 

Lovely Caribbean feel!