EYFS, KS1, Steel pans

Steel Pan Summer

A4E37629-D156-4633-A644-51468817D4F1.jpegFirst day back for me and first day on Steel Pans with Foundation and second with Year 1. I really wanted them to have fun exploring the sounds, listening to creating harmonies and keeping a steady beat.

I worked with smaller groups in Foundation and we firstly sung our Gentle Hands song and clapped along with a steady beat. We then explored being a ticking clock ‘tick tock’ and sung Hickory Dickory Dock. 

I then talked through the steel pan names, beaters and asked them to find a pan and look for the colour red, yellow or blue. ( I have colour coded the notes so I was looking for a C chord of C, E, G. When they were given a beater they were allowed to explore the colours. 

We then practiced our tick tock clock steady beat, added the song and some  children volunteered to show each other how they played a steady beat. I recorded them and then at the end asked if they wanted to explore any of the notes in the pan. 

‘Beaters up’ was the stop signal and the listening was pretty good! 

Year 1’s class was a bit more developed and we added the song Banuwa and worked harder on keeping a steady beat.