Djembes, EYFS, KS1

Djembes; minibeast rhythms

Minibeast theme today! I collected the children as we usually board the Djembe Train but this time we were marching ants. We had a leader with a smaller drum who led the marching ants to the djembe circle (this activity acts as a metronome (kind of) so the children can start to hear the beat… Continue reading Djembes; minibeast rhythms

EYFS, KS1, Ukulele

Ukulele; chord of C

We had a great first ukulele session back from half term this morning. The sun was shining through our music classroom windows, the ukuleles looking bright and ready for action and the children engaged and enthusiastic.  Today it was a competition between the green and blue teams. I sat the children in two lines opposite… Continue reading Ukulele; chord of C

Singing, Songwriting, Workshop

DAISI & National Trust Project; the meeting

I had such a lovely time working on this songwriting project with DAISI, Broadcylst Girl Guides and National Trust Killerton. This workshop was part of a larger national project around the 100 years Suffrage Anniversary. I was asked to meet with the Filmaker (Ben), National Trust Killerton and girl guides to discuss what they wanted… Continue reading DAISI & National Trust Project; the meeting


Hub Sounds Gig

What a fantastic event put on by our wonderful funders DMEH and a great showcase of all the wonderful music making ensembles and groups there are around Devon. And thanks also to Exeter Phoenix for providing an awesome venue and platform for our young music makers to experience. The smoke machine was blowing, the stage… Continue reading Hub Sounds Gig